Emmanuel Catholic College Curriculum Handbook

Year 8 Curriculum Handbook

Welcome to the Year 8 Curriculum Handbook.

Elective Subjects Structure:
Students will study a maximum of 6 electives in a year which equates to 3 per semester.
Elective choices must satisfy the following requirements outlined by the School Curriculum and
Standards Authority (SCSA)

  • 1 elective must come from the area of Performing Arts
  • 1 elective must come from the area of Visual Arts
  • 1 elective must come from the area of Digital Technologies
  • 1 elective must come from the area of Design and Technology

Students who select Italian, Bushrangers or are part of either the Dance, Basketball, Netball or Football Academies, will study that elective for the full year, which will count as 2 elective choices.

Performing Arts Electives

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music

Visual Arts Electives

  • Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Media

Digital Technology Electives

  • Game IT
  • Robot IT

Design & Technology Electives

  • Engineer IT
  • Master Chef

Further Elective options

  • Dance, Football, Basketball & Netball Academies*
  • Bush Rangers *
  • Creative Writing
  • Creative Advertising
  • Gaming Industry – History, Careers and
  • Social Impact
  • Musical Theatre
  • Mythbusters
  • Runaway Fashion and Design
  • Full STEAM Ahead
  • Sport & Outdoor Recreation

*Year long electives

Contact Information
Mr Ernesto Ayala
Deputy Principal of Teaching & Learning